Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA is the applied use of behavioral principles to everyday situations with the goal of either increasing or decreasing targeted behaviors. How this translates into practical application will depend on the specific situation. Nevertheless, all ABA programs share similar components: discrete trial teaching, programming for generalization to the natural environment, reinforcement, prompting and fading strategies, and outcome-based decision-making.

Medical Insurance and ABA

Insurers recognize medical necessity of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).  Positive Behavior Supports Corporation is committed to working with most private insurance companies by becoming an in-network provider.  Many health insurance plans now cover the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), including ABA therapy.  Contact Us to find out if your child is eligible to receive PBS’s ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Services through your insurance company.

In-Home ABA Therapy in New Jersey

Positive Behavior Supports Corporation is comprised of a compassionate team of extensively trained and experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Behavioral Therapists.  We work hard to make sure our families and clients fully understand how an ABA therapy program works in the home.  Direct Autism Treatment · Rated #1 By Parents · ABA Intervention Services: Social Skills, Speech Therapy, ADHD Therapy, Autism Spectrum Services…

In Home ABA services

Our Certified behavior Analyst begins by coming out to your home for an initial assessment. The assessment helps the analyst design an individualized program geared toward meeting your child’s specific needs. Once goals are put in place, one of our highly skilled therapists will implement the programs in a home, school, or community setting of your choice. You will work directly with your therapist to set and modify hours ensuring the schedule meets your family’s needs. Working in your child’s natural environment will allow the therapist to address issues as they arise as well as provide the opportunity for you to learn how to best help your child achieve their full potential.

Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention

For individuals with significant behavioral challenges and/or skill deficits that are impeding their quality of life, we provide comprehensive behavioral intervention. We provide individualized services for those with autism and related disabilities, children and adults, to assist with decreasing challenging behaviors and increasing appropriate behaviors and skill deficits.


Our programs are designed to empower caregivers and others involved in the individuals’ lives to support them within their natural routines so they can be successful and self-sufficient.

Services for Schools & Agencies

Our program contracts with school districts and community agencies to provide support at multiple levels to improve the quality of interventions for children and adults with behavioral challenges. We work collaboratively with professionals in these programs and in accordance with existing policies and procedures.


We have large number of behavior analysts including doctoral level (BCBA-D), master’s level (BCBA) and bachelor’s level (BCaBA). On a limited basis, we also offer licensed mental health counselors, speech and language and occupational therapist services.

Training & Consultation

PBS Corp is available to provide training in PBS to programs and groups and consultation on individual cases. We offer parent education and a unique program called PBS Team Training in which we engage and train support teams to more effectively support individuals.


PBS Corp. an agency committed to the principles of Positive Behavior Support (an approach based on principles of applied behavior analysis, ABA) to improve not only behavior, but also quality of life for the individuals we serve, their families, and others who support them.

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